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A private and confidential psychotherapy  service based in Santry Dublin 9.

Celine Keogh  
Core Process Psychotherapy

Welcome to my site an introduction to my psychotherapy  service on the Northside of Dublin based in Santry, offering a mindfulness based approach to psychotherapy .     

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 Psychotherapy is a healing process that involves the use of a variety of psychological methods and skills to alleviate personal suffering and encourage change. Psychotherapy can involve shorter term support as in counselling to support people with specific immediate needs where they may need to address and alleviate symptoms as with, stress, anxiety, loss, anger or relationship difficulties.

Longer term psychotherapy offers a supportive safe environment in which to explore deeper rooted problems and life situations which take longer to heal . Longer term psychotherapy offers space to affect change at  depth.

Psychotherapy involves  the participation and investment from the client and therapist alike to work together towards change.

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Core Process Mindfulness Based  Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy is the original method of  mindfulness based psychotherapy, which combines Buddhist understandings of self  utilising contemplative practises (i.e. spirituality, meditation, silence, quieting the mind, self-enquiry) and the concept of embodied enquiry (working on the felt sense, what is happening within self) through which the psychotherapeutic relationship can be built between therapist and client . Through this exploration and working together in therapy healing and change can take place. It is the belief in this practice of Psychotherapy that we experience ourselves, others and world based on our past understandings and desires to have needs met. Therapy sessions are designed to explore painful issues which have arisen in clients life and provide clients with understanding and insight to support change to happen  and consider other possibilities or potentials for how they may experience life or a situation they find themselves in.

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Services I Offer

Individual Psychotherapy

I offer Individual short and long term psychotherapy sessions ,  shorter term sessions are akin to traditional counselling where we will look at alleviating the presenting issues and symptoms, where in longer term psychotherapy we will work at addressing deeper embedded problems and life situations.  Psychotherapy Sessions are on a one to one basis  in a confidential and safe environment .

sessions last for 1 hour in total .

Cost :  € 70.

reduced rate are offered for students and unemployed.

Initial consultation session is Free of charge

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Difficulties worked with include :
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Stress
- Bereavement, Grief,
- Separation & Loss
- Relationship Difficulties
- Family Trauma
- Personal, Physical and Emotional Trauma
- Adoption
- Self Esteem
- Anger management
- Crisis Management
I also offer :
One to one Life Skills consultancy
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Parent support coaching.
Circle of Security Parenting Programme

Resilience Skill Training

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